Unveiling the Persona: Stanton DeFreitas Profiled

Ever since he was a boy, growing up in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario Stanton DeFreitas appreciated his circumstances, in which he was raised in one of the most diverse cities in Canada and the world. A Canadian with Caribbean roots, Stanton was lucky enough have experienced many cultures, which has given him an advantage in his career as an international business consultant.

It is Stanton DeFreitas’ view that everyone, regardless of it doesn’t matter where someone came from; they are citizens of the world and they should try to broaden their horizons. That approach has made him more than an entrepreneur. He also believes that will help with his ultimate goal, which is to become a writer, capable of communicating to people on many important issues, current events, travel, sports and personal health and wellness. He believes that we all work better together; whereas one culture may be able to solve one problem, other cultures may be able to solve another. That means we can no longer stay in a bubble, surrounded by people just like us. We have to work together.