How Stanton DeFreitas Wants to Write for a Better World

Stanton DeFreitas feels strongly that it was his exposure to many different cultures that changed his thinking and turned him into an excellent international businessman and entrepreneur. He is also certain that it will make him a great writer over the long haul. He is certain that there isn’t a human being alive who hasn’t been affected by cultural diversity and the inevitable clash that often happens. That is why Stanton DeFreitas sincerely wants to teach people a better way. He feels that he benefited from what he experienced as a child and he wants others to do the same.

You see, Stanton DeFreitas had he benefit of growing up in the wildly diverse Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, one of the most diverse cities in the world. He was a Canadian with Caribbean roots, so being exposed to such an environment during his formative years was very important and he believes it has made him a better overall person and certainly, he’s a better international businessman because of it.

Being exposed to a many different cultural traditions and embracing them in his way of thinking has made him a better man, overall. That’s why Stanton DeFreitas wants to share the knowledge he has gained with the world and make life better for everyone. He now considers himself a citizen of the world and not Canada, and he wishes everyone did the same. Stanton DeFreitas believes everyone should make an effort to broaden their horizons in every way; spiritually, academically and culturally. His budding writing career should help. He wants to write about the most important issues in a way that will encourage others to take multiculturalism seriously.