Stanton DeFreitas has a wealth of experience in the business world. He is an international business consultant who has been able to work with clients all around the world. It has enriched his live in tangible, measurable, ways as well as giving him an understanding and appreciation for cultural differences and practices.

DeFreitas is a Canadian and proud to call himself such. However, he is also proud to celebrate his Caribbean roots and does so at every available opportunity. This is something that is important to him, being part of his Canadian community while being able to appreciate his cultural heritage.

Born in Toronto, Stanton DeFreitas was raised in the east end, a neighborhood known as Scarborough. He firmly believes that he benefited from being raised in this neighborhood, which was as vibrant as it was diverse. His career and his personality benefited from being exposed to so many different cultures and the foods, music, styles, and languages that come with them. By witnessing and participating in other cultures, he grew to understand how to appreciate them.

Today, Stanton DeFreitas has a personal philosophy of being a citizen of the world. He believes that your birthplace is just a starting point and should in no way confine or define you to the exclusion of other cultures, places, or nations. Broadening your horizons spiritually, academically, and culturally is Stanton DeFreitas’ goal.