Stanton Defreitas – Raised as a Citizen of the World

When you grow up with the understanding that you are a citizen of the world and that all humankind is connected, it shapes who you are as an adult. In the case of Stanton Defreitas, he was raised with that exact belief and he has carried that into his adulthood in a big way. Working as an international business consultant has allowed him to continue to grow his love of international relations and the discovery of new cultures and customs. Stanton Defreitas has a philosophy that is inclusive of the world around him and this makes him both a resource for his job and an example of a quality human being.

The Diverse Experience of Stanton DeFreitas

Stanton DeFreitas is a Canadian and a proud citizen of that wonderful country. However, he has always felt that he was a citizen of the world in the truest sense as well. He grew up in Scarborough, a neighborhood within Toronto that is known for its diverse residents. This neighborhood taught him, from an early age, the importance of diversity and it is a lesson he has embraced throughout his life.

He has benefited not only personally, but also professionally, from being exposed to different cultures, foods, musics, and styles. Indeed, today Stanton DeFreitas is an international business consultant who is able to work with businesses all over the globe. This allows him to achieve yet more international exposure while helping people to sustain and grow their businesses.

Stanton DeFreitas’ Experience in Business

Stanton DeFreitas has a wealth of experience in the business world. He is an international business consultant who has been able to work with clients all around the world. It has enriched his live in tangible, measurable, ways as well as giving him an understanding and appreciation for cultural differences and practices.

DeFreitas is a Canadian and proud to call himself such. However, he is also proud to celebrate his Caribbean roots and does so at every available opportunity. This is something that is important to him, being part of his Canadian community while being able to appreciate his cultural heritage.

Born in Toronto, Stanton DeFreitas was raised in the east end, a neighborhood known as Scarborough. He firmly believes that he benefited from being raised in this neighborhood, which was as vibrant as it was diverse. His career and his personality benefited from being exposed to so many different cultures and the foods, music, styles, and languages that come with them. By witnessing and participating in other cultures, he grew to understand how to appreciate them.

Today, Stanton DeFreitas has a personal philosophy of being a citizen of the world. He believes that your birthplace is just a starting point and should in no way confine or define you to the exclusion of other cultures, places, or nations. Broadening your horizons spiritually, academically, and culturally is Stanton DeFreitas’ goal.

Stanton DeFreitas and Multiculturalism

Even when Stanton DeFreitas was a young boy living in the Scarborough section of Toronto, he grew to appreciate the benefits that came with being raised in one of the most diverse cities in Canada and the world. He didn’t want to keep it to himself, of course, he wanted to share his experience as a Canadian with Caribbean roots. He also wanted to share the many cultures he was able to experience and witness in his young life. In fact, that diversity has had a major role in his career as an international business consultant.

Stanton DeFreitas feels strongly that everyone should believe themselves to be a citizen of the world, rather than an individual country. He would love for more people to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically and culturally. That is how he approaches his global business travels and he feels that it has made him more than an entrepreneur. It is Stanton DeFreitas’ strongest desire to become a writer because he believes that to be the best way to communicate to people his concerns on a great many issues important to society. Among the issues he would love to write about include are global current events, international travel, international sports and also personal health and wellness.

Stanton DeFreitas wants to show people how we can all work better together, among the different cultures of the world. He feels that he benefited greatly from the diversity he experienced in childhood and he would love for everyone to share. He feels that his exposure to so many points of view has made him a better businessman and that it will make him a great writer.