A Profile of Writer Stanton DeFreitas

Stanton DeFreitas firmly he believes everyone in the world should make a greater effort to broaden their horizons. Not only should they think of themselves as citizens of the world at least as much as a citizen of a particular country, but they should also consider what that means including spiritually and academically, as well as culturally. This is the approach Stanton DeFreitas takes when in his global business travels, and he believes that his point of view has made him a better and more successful entrepreneur.

From the time Stanton DeFreitas was born in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, he came to realize and understand the many great advantages that came with being raised in a diverse area, with exposure to many people and many different culture. Face it; Stanton is a Canadian citizen with Caribbean roots and he grew up witnessing and experiencing a wide range of cultures. That has informed his life every step of the way, and they have certainly enhanced his career as an international business consultant.